Opening Spa:Days — Vegan Dinner & Salon Forum — Saturday, January 5th


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This Saturday, January 5th

6:30 - 9pm

Partnering with vegan chef Lisa Cole (@hungryrightmeow) and Kelsey Sundberg of SHELL, we invite practitioners, makers, and friends to this weekend's Days:Spa kick-off dinner– an interpractice, salon-style conversation on the rise of self-care in all forms. We are inviting people who value creativity, the body, and friendly conversation.

In a gesture towards a healthy and happy 2019, Days and SHELL are setting the table for cross-pollination between people working within a variety of therapeutic techniques.

Lisa's meal will be focused on stimulating all five senses, accompanied by a flight of health tonics, and enjoyed alongside a discussion of personal practice, our shared interest in rituals, and the development of community support systems.

With this meal we are creating conversation and asking questions, which we will return to with a final dinner at the end of our two-month Spa:Days series.

Ticket includes 3 course vegan meal, drinks, and a place at the table!

$30 - only 10 seats available!


Beginning in January, Cities of Oil will host Days:Spa | Spa:Days, a
weekly forum for therapeutic healing and practices of self care,
launching us into the New Year with freshly rejuvenated bodies and

In a series of sensory-oriented workshops, meals, performances and
conversations co-hosted by therapeutic textile project SHELL, we will
be connecting those working in disparate practices throughout Los
Angeles with our community at Days.

Our list of makers, thinkers, therapists and alternative healers
include both those working experimentally as well as projects deeply
rooted in historical practices of natural therapeutic technique. Each
offers guidance developing personal toolkits of self-care and
intentioned living.