Gas Collapsible Water Bottle

Gas Gallery

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Limited edition water bottle emblazoned with an intentionally misleading logo stating its contents as “Gasoline” by artists Susanna Battin and Kate Kendall, from Gas Gallery's Anatomy of Oil exhibition.

The edition is as part of their larger piece Gas-for-Water (2018) that addresses oil’s value through trade through storytelling, performance, and drawing. The project began on a road trip from Lake Mead in Nevada to Los Angeles during California’s extreme drought. It imagines the plight of “meadmaids,” or mermaids whose livelihood is dependent on the lake, formed in 1936 when the Hoover Dam was completed. Set in a dystopian future where gas is plentiful but fresh water is scarce, the meadmaids exchange one for the other as they journey back to the lake and replenish its holdings.


Collapsible Water Bottle
Edition of 100
12 oz

Gas is a mobile, autonomous, experimental and networked platform for contemporary art. Located in a truck gallery parked around Los Angeles and online, Gas collaborates closely with artists to create experiences that foster community and connection while imagining alternative forms of cultural and critical production. The space’s inherently itinerant format reflects the fluidity of twenty-first century culture and art practice, while also allowing considerable independence and creative freedom in terms of concept, site, format, audience, and engagement. Gas offers an opportunity to rethink why, where and how we view art, whether the encounter happens while surfing the web or driving around Los Angeles, a city defined by its sprawl and car culture.