Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Gemini Desk Pen

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Made of brass and stainless steel—contrasting metals placed together so the qualities of each are enhanced. Stainless steel is cool and unreactive. Brass is warm and will develop a unique patina as it ages.

The base is heavily weighted.

Brass patina can be removed by cleaning with metal polish and returned to original polished finish.

Chen Chen & Kai Williams is a design studio that explores materials and new ways to use them. The studio invents new techniques and materials or diverts common industrial supplies to off-label applications.

Chen Chen and Kai Williams met while attending the Pratt Institute and founded the company in New York City in 2011. The studio creates a wide range of products from hand made one-off and limited production collectible works to manufacturing specialty home goods carried by retailers around the world. Whatever the method, an overarching sensitivity to materials and production processes carries through every object.

Past clients include Whitney Museum, Gagosian, Kvadrat and Mission Chinese Food. Presentations of their work have been held at the Museum of Art and Design (USA) and the Venice Architecture Biennale (Italy). Manufacturing clients include Tai Ping Carpets, Areaware and Good Thing.