Knit T-Shirt: Venice Stripe

Calle Del Mar

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The Calle Del Mar Striped Knit Tee feels silky, smooth & luxurious. The Venice Beach multi stripe is inspired by the sun bleached palette and wardrobe of 70's California. This 8 color multi stripe will make you feel nostalgic for a time of young outsiders, long summers, and innocent rebellion. When you throw on your CDM tee you’ll be transported to August 1975, vans, tube socks, cdm t-shirt- trespassing to skateboard in empty pools or bleach your hair blonde at the beach. The materials drape is graceful, athletic and breathable.  The fit is relaxed, casual & effortless. Easy Breezy. Fully Fashioned. Knitted on hand looms in Los Angeles, California.

100% Viscose

Fits True to Size. 

Size Medium

The Calle Del Mar line was founded in 2014 by California native & New York Trained designer Aza Ziegler. The CDM products are produced in women owned factories, on a non-seasonal calendar in the United States.