Life on the Fantasy Substrate of Los Angeles

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Independently printed, full color booklet about The Fantasy Compact:

It’s the year 2026 and Greater Los Angeles is now a public theme park. Having voted for and passed (almost unanimously) in the general election of 2018 Proposition FFF, or what is known today as The Fantasy Compact, Los Angeles County took fantasy back from private interests and made the practice of sympathetic magic a public good.

Conversion is taking place in stages. In 2019, Mascots and Wonder Stations are distributed throughout the county. The most impactful Fantasy Compact transition is implemented in 2020. All citizens are now cast members and characters who contribute to the ongoing narrative of place. This promotes awareness that narrative is work. Since instituted in 2022, all citizens/cast benefit from opportunities under 1.72.05 for Cast Visitation, a program that allows 5% of the population at any given time to experience Los Angeles as a different member of the cast. Uniforms are provided.

As a speculation for the future of Los Angeles, The Fantasy Compact suggests an urban planning that is not rational. The Fantasy Compact is an agreement publicized through government but undertaken between citizens to believe and participate in sympathetic magic. The compact is voted into effect by the citizens of Los Angeles County, thus making the entire county a public theme park. The actual making of the theme park is as much about collective belief and participation as it is about law or physical changes to the environment. The citizenry undertake to believe in their own implication in and labor in the making and preserving of the fantasy environment of Los Angeles.